Example Product 1

Payment Options

We offer the following payment methods:

  • You can send a cheque for £10.00 to 1031 Park Avenue, Parkstone, PP1 3PP.
  • You can call us on 012345 678901 to pay by credit card.
  • You can transfer £10.00 to our UK bank using our IBAN number GB11WZYZ99887712345678.

Your booking will be held for 7 days pending payment. If we do not receive payment within 7 days the booking will be cancelled.

This is the product description for "Example Product 1". It is associated with the price "example_price_1", which only has a single payment option.

This example uses MediaShop's "Simple View" to create a menu item to show the product. Simple View shows the product description and a payment button. It does not handle multiple prices or multiple payment gateways. The payment button goes directly to the payment gateway.